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Thanks and stuff.

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 28, 2013, 11:34 PM
  • Listening to: Animetal Marathon II
  • Reading: Transformers Comics
  • Watching: Smackdown
  • Playing: Pikmin - Wii
  • Eating: Mac & Cheese with Scrambled Eggs
  • Drinking: Gatorade
Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week. For my birthday, I got to go to the dentist's office for a root canal. Yes, really.

Also, thanks for 45,000+ visits. That's actually kind of amazing.

Thanks for over 3,000 +favs on the Justice League of Anime. It's been a long while since I created that and I want to do much more with that concept when I find the time.

Thanks for all llamas and other +favs but you don't have to thank me if I give one to you. I just give llamas to be a cool dude, not because I want my page to get cluttered with a billion messages thanking me for llamas. In fact, I totally don't want that to happen anymore.

Thanks for not asking me "where's Naruto?" in awhile because I don't really care where he is. I think he is going to be dead for a long time when we get to the future with robots anyway. That seems logical.

Thanks for checking out my blog/site because it is probably your most favorite website in the galaxy, and I appreciate that.

Thanks for the support on Ninjapocalypse even thought it hasn't been updated this year and won't be for another month or so yet. Oh well.

Thanks for generally being cool and not being lame, unless you are lame, in which case, thanks for trying, I guess.

Thanks for your patience to everyone who sent me messages or comments since 2013 began because I am finally going to make an effort to get back to everyone now.

Most importantly, thanks to all the great artists and art appreciators for being inspiring and being inspired, because that is, like, totally great and stuff.

See you at TFcon.


SamuraiEchidna Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
You're welcome. :) Enjoy the con, and Animetal is awesome!
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