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I Am Not Ready for Christmas by ninjatron I Am Not Ready for Christmas by ninjatron
Over the years, I've lost most of my enthusiasm for the Christmas season. Everything becomes so cheery and schmaltzy, and the music is just terrible. Not to mention the fact that it starts way to early, with Christmas decorations appearing in stores early in October, encroaching on valuable space that should be occupied by monsters! So, I'm just not ready for Christmas, and by the time it's  here, I'm totally over it and just want more Halloween instead.

So, in that spirit, I drew this FrankenSanta Monster with a bag full of Halloween goodies. Don't worry, the skeletons are just plastic. They are not dead elves or anything like that.

I wanted to do this in November but I just couldn't get to it. Then when I finally started on it, it just was supposed to be a quick, dumb drawing. But even then the prospect of working on Christmas themed artwork was so unexciting that I was dragging my feet on it. So it's not that great considering how long I spent on it, but at least it's out of my brain now and I can start planning next year's Halloween.
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December 10, 2016
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